Attack of the Frownies

2007-12-25 14:10:14 by Tafari-dh

hey i did a collaboration with Liquid-Blue-Gecko, to make a game i programmed and he animated.
the game will be used as an add on

visit that site to see how you can help cheer up sick children
oh and don't forget to play the game @

Trick or Treat

2007-10-21 22:05:48 by Tafari-dh

made us a new game this week fe da halloween season.
check out Trick or Treat the Game, i must admit that it was a quickie but i hope some of us like it out there ;)

who needs a whistle

2007-10-19 23:33:56 by Tafari-dh

well i guess my whistle authority is at the crap level here a NG. apparently leaving honest reviews and checking other peoples can get you negativ respect here at the NG massive oh well if your reading this do somthing better with your time than waist it on NG, this site is for 1=board people, 2=web developers(me). anyway my recomendations is watching this movie.........

link here \/ d=-1656880303867390173


2007-08-14 22:03:01 by Tafari-dh

yo, iz be makin a betta version of me 1st game skate-er-guy, itz be having easier controls, and more bells and whistles, like a combo bonus and such, also a new character and other things along that line, stages, tricks, blah, blah, who cares right :)

new job!

2007-07-27 13:05:42 by Tafari-dh

iz guts me a job makin flash gamez fe kidz, the only problem is i can't share them with newgrounds :(